Monday, January 16, 2012

An introduction to DS!

We work to remind the world that St. Louis is a beautiful city and that God loves it and its citizens.  Every single one of them.  We do this as we foster its God-given beauty through thought-provoking designs which highlight His work in our city and challenge our fellow citizens to embrace something greater than themselves.

We know St. Louis has a “past”.  It is one of the most broken and fractured metropolitans in the United States and it is declining into blight quicker than any other.  It is riddled with a history of racism, segregation, and violence.  However, we believe this is not the last word to be said about our fair city.  We see all the beauty that exists in St. Louis in the present and believe that it has a bright future. 

But, the future is only bright if its citizens embrace it and nurture it.

This is exactly who we are. 

We are native citizens of St. Louis who have embraced it and are seeking to nurture the already-present beauty through our T-Shirt Designs and our mentoring and employing artistically minded high school students and recent graduates.  We believe art transforms lives and develops creative communities.  We believe “good design” is essential in creating a “good community”. 

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